7NOW | Stay Lazy

A spec campaign for 7NOW — 7-eleven’s new delivery service. Laziness continues to catapult humanity forward and 7-eleven now delivers. Stay lazy.

twitter > historically accurate quotes from influencers of yore. 

instagram > An IGTV show hosted by Danny McBride. Users throw inventions at him and he explains their lazy origins.

the lazy-leaderboard > an in-app loyalty program that rewards feats of laziness. 

how you earn points >

delivery: points for every delivery, extra points for multiple deliveries in a day.
partnerships: partner with Uber to reward people who take rides under a mile, partner with Netflix to reward people who binge for 4+ hours straight.

what you win >
discounts, free delivery and merch. The ultimate winner at the end of the year fittingly gets a kitschy gold LaziestBoi.

audio >

preroll >

Made with Emmaline Terry @ VCU Brandcenter