the thing > 7-eleven’s new delivery service.
the idea > laziness continues to catapult humanity forward. stay lazy.
the team > emmaline terry (AD)




An IGTV show hosted by Danny McBride. Users throw inventions at him and he explains their lazy origins. 

the lazy-leaderboard
If laziness catapults humanity forward, lets create an in-app loyalty program that rewards people for being lazy. The leaderboard updates in real time and is visible in-app.
how do you earn points?
delivery: points for every delivery, extra points for multiple deliveries in a day.
partnerships: partner with Uber to reward people who take rides under a mile, partner with Netflix to reward people who binge for 4+ hours straight. 

what do you win? 
Discounts, free delivery and merch. The ultimate winner at the end of the year, fittingly gets a kitschy gold LaziestBoi.



    upasti basappa | upasti.basappa@gmail.com