BLOWFISH | Get Back to Normal

A spec campaign for Blowfish  a hangover pill that combines caffeine and aspirin to do god’s work. Blowfish kills your hangover. Now regular life can go back to being your source of anguish.

the blowfish truck > parked in bar districts across the country, dispensing slides to keep you on your feet tonight and sachets of blowfish to get you on your feet in the morning. 

blowfish special > select delis in midtown and the financial district run the blowfish special: a classic breakfast sandwich + a pre-mixed blowfish to get you back to normal before you get to work. 

merch >   effervescent bath bomb, ‘back on my bullfish’ hoodie,  ‘rose-tinted’ sunglasses

Made with katie dinardo (AD) @ VCU Brandcenter