A book that explores the prison industrial system and it’s sprawling influence. 

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section one: the prison binge traces the evolution of slavery post-abolition. From convict leasing, and chain-ganging, to the modern day prison indusrtrial system.

section two: color matters uses greyscale to underscore how race shifts perception.

section three: incarceration inc. tells the stories of brands that have used prison labor in their supply chains, by intervening on their ads.

section four: made for prison casts a light on the realities of life in prison through the lens of fictional products. Below; The Visa Debt Card and Pruneax Prison Wine.  

section five: profiled explores stories from deep inside the system and their implications. Warren Demesme’s case for instance raises questions about the politics of language.

section six: ALEC is laid out as an excel spreadsheet to underscore the lobbying outfit’s vast influence across industry and government.

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