MAILCHIMP | Call Paul 

Launching season 2 of Mailchimp original podcast, Call Paul. Call Paul spotlights small business owners/entrepreneurs with unconventional approaches to commerce. A counter to the “grow at all costs” approach, the show is all about running a business without reneging on your values. We brought that spirit to life across a variety of executions including; a show package refresh, season teaser, sticker pack, and a few social content series.  


how to > flipping the usual “how to” content on it’s head with mini playbooks full of insights from each episode/guest. 

fresh takes > reframing business jargon to give people a taste of the show’s tone/POV. Each fresh take was illustrated with a quote from that weeks episode. 

︎ Made with the team @ Stink Studios ︎  Role: concepting, copywriting, content curation, visual research