RAND | Truth Decay

Content on Truth Decay. RAND wanted to get young, intellectually curious audiences to understand and take action against Truth Decay — the diminishing role of facts and analysis in public life. We partnered with Youtube creators our audience already sought out to learn new things and worked with them to unpack the nuances of the phenomenon in their content. The videos got over 1.7 million views with 91K hours watched

Neil Halloran’s documentary touches on hot-button issues from vaccines to nuclear winter science and climate change to illustrate how crucial it is for each of us to critically examine our beliefs. We worked closely with Neil from the concept and treatment through to the edit. 

MinuteEarth’s animated short takes a different approach, employing a meta-narrative to underscore the importance of knowing where your information comes from.

results/engagement > The content got a lot of views. But most notably we got humans to pause and introspect. On the internet. 

︎ Made with the team @ Stink Studios ︎  Role: concepting, creator selection/briefing, story research, treatments/scripting, content production